What does Jigsaw do?

We are called Jigsaw because it’s about all the pieces of your business. We offer freelance support in every area with a hands on approach to get the job done.

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Business Support

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Affordable help for your business

Jigsaw Business Development was created to support small businesses compete against their high street rivals.
Our ethos has always been to offer management and creative services normally afforded only to the big players, but at a fraction of the cost.


We provide not only great design, but cost effective solutions to ensure your business gets the most from your marketing spend.


Flexible solutions, tailored to suit your budget. Get the management help you need so you don’t have to work 24 hours a day.


Big isn’t always best, and big can come at a price. How about a world where some of the big boys toys are available to the smaller guys?


What do you do? How would you summarise your business in 1 minute?
We have services that will improve your sales process.


Let us help you create a business or finance plan, enabling you to paint the whole picture of your business to lenders or board members.


 Do you have all the controls, measures and data to be able to change, alter and react when you need to?  We can help with that.

Helping you build your business,

one piece at a time.

A hands-on approach, helping me get from A to B


It’s like having a Non-Executive Director, but hands-on and getting the job done! Jigsaw consider all of the elements of my business, and help me get from A to B.

Meet the Team

Jigsaw is primarily Steve and Kirstie, although we do have a pool of freelancers who work with us when we need another set of eyes.

Steve Royle

Steve has always been passionate about developing a business on a holistic basis. Any business is a collection of ‘pieces’ that need to work with each other complementing and supporting the overall development path.

Having spent almost 30 years in the finance industry both in the Jersey and in the UK, Steve was involved in a range of functions including business development, marketing, client relationship, database systems, management and finance.

Working with a wide client base he saw the need for a freelance style service assisting small and medium size businesses with all the pieces of their business. And so was born the Jigsaw concept representing all the elements of a business.
Being a small business ourselves and having worked with so many clients over the years, we understand that flexibility and cost are important issues. If you need a refreshing approach to developing your business why not give Jigsaw a call?

Kirstie Palmer

Having started in finance, Kirstie worked her way up from being the office junior to senior administrator, underwriter, credit control assistant and Personal Assistant to senior management. She has a knack for compiling data for presentation in a clear and understandable format.

After her time in finance, Kirstie spent time working in the vending industry before moving to manufacturing. She has worked in customer services, account management, sales support, operational support, manufacturing planning and trade compliance. As a team player, Kirstie has also been invited to join management steering groups, internal auditing schemes and has completed an NVQ in team leadership. She is also trained in export licensing, import and export regulations and incoterms.

A fast learner, Kirstie has picked up a lot of skills during her time with Jigsaw, making her a valuable asset to the team.

About Us

Our passion is to help small businesses reach their potential and succeed against their richer neighbours, after all, we are a small business ourselves.

With 30 years experience of running a large financial institution and the same in design and marketing, working for the likes of Carlsberg UK, Williams Grand Prix, Royal Mail and Guinness UDV we offer a wealth of experience in both arenas.

But that’s where the difference ends. We don’t have a rate card, consultation fees or indeed, any extras. We agree an affordable monthly fee and regular consultation, formulate and implement a strategy that best serves your business.

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Feel free to say hello to us using the form below.  Alternatively, you can contact us via email, telephone, smoke signal or carrier pigeon.

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